Runjin Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional Ice-cream solutions provider backed up by an excellent team of qualified experienced engineers with many years practical experience in the ice cream industry, either ice cream equipment manufacturers or ice cream factories.

Runjin mainly provides services for ice cream factory in below areas:

  • Make and sell standard and customized ice cream manufacturing equipment
  • Ice cream factory process and layout design, service facility capacity design and engineering installation
  • Products innovation
  • Factory management, training and consultant
  • Expert and experienced in optimizing production process and reducing conversion cost


Exactly what you are expecting, optimum design, quality parts and components as well as reliable stability, ensure meeting production requirement perfectly and minimizing operation wastage.


We understand that proper production process and layout design and economical service facility capacity design ensure high efficiency operation and competitive conversion cost. Not just when planning on papers but able to implement practically.


Efficient services on your need. We ensure your equipment running in proper condition, in addition, we are capable of supporting on scheduled maintenance, equipment upgrade and spare parts service, and further on factory management consulting, factory overall upgrade, process layout and service facility capacity design and etc.


Base on customer-oriented services and technical advantages, Runjin is committed to quality equipment and excellent service and technical support. We look forward to your choice on Runjin