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  1. It is used for filling ice cream, sauce,or water-ice with various types of cups,cones . Standard machine could produce only one type ice cream product , but if adding different equipment station ,various shape cones and cups ice cream could be produced as well .

    Runchen Krunt-Z 12 is a low cost solution which is very suitable for small scale factory .It could meet customer who don't have high capacity requirement .But it could produce various types ice cream with high quality Standard .It also can be used for laboratory test or ice cream development .

Working Principle

  1. Stack cups on the cup dispenser part ,and these would be dropped to insert tub one by one to wait filling .There are different filling types based on different raw material like ice cream ,sauce ,or water-ice. Filling type could be as quantitative filling ,intermittent filling ,and squeeze cutting filling (one cutting device would be attached).Runchen Krunt-Z12 also could be configured with different decoration parts to decorate ice cream surface. In accordance with different shape products ,it could choose different lid adding function.Also could seal products by cut in advance film .After lids adding or sealing ,ejection part would eject products and convey out from filling machine to get quickly freezing ,till packed .

Main Frame

Standard KruntTM-Z12 frame is made of stainless steel .The filling machine design can meet international and high hygiene Standard . Its open frame structure can avoid water saving efficiently and to be cleaned conveniently .All components design including nozzle ,hose clamp and drive parts conform to requirement of easy connection ,replacement and cleaning .

Main Drive system

  1. The frequency motor drives the swing and rotation dividers, and controls the intermittent rotation of the module plate and up and down station. Sending Periodic signal to PLC by rotary program code to control cylinder precisely ,and make all parts to work stably .

Controlling System

KruntTM-Z12 rotary filling machine is controlled by center PLC . With PLC words , ice cream production can be checked very clearly ,and replacement is very conveniently .It has 2MB saving space ,and could start or stop automatically . Tens of products can be programmed in advance .
Products data would be shown on PLC screen .and the whole control panel is equipped with touch buttons and digital display, providing convenient operation and monitoring.

Air Compressor System and Vacuum System 

Based on food hygiene requirement ,all parts for air compressor is made from material which is free of corrosion ,lubrication .All valves adopt electrical mode and installed inside of frame . All Standard cylinder is from Festo . The vacuum System parts which is for Lids dispenser and lids adding is configured by professional valves .


KruntTM-Z12rotary filling machine adopts advanced layout design and powerful function parts to meet the needs of ice cream industry development . The biggest advantage is it has more function than traditional type .

More stable frame

Adopts strengthening frame rigidity to make machine operation more stable than traditional .

More stable drive system

Using Modular swing and rotation dividers to make main engine runs more stable ,more convenient to inspect and maintenance . Most stations totally use machinery structure to make machine runs stable and low noise .

Constant temperature chocolate system:

Constant temperature heating technology is used in the filling nozzle to avoid the blocking phenomenon caused by the solidification of chocolate when the ambient temperature is low.

Purchase parts

we supply different types parts . In this case ,the product scope can be broadened a lot.Below is a reference table:

Matching spare parts

To ensure machine function ,Runchen Krunt-Z12 filling machine should be better to choose original spare parts . If choose others, these would have unstable elements ,lead to equipment broken . Please consult before using .

Technical Data

Lines 1 line 2 lines
capacity per hour for Standard 2400 4800
running speed (stoke /min ) 10~45 10~45
power 2 kW
storage capacity for chocolate 25L
product coating 2-6ml
product mounting 4-8ml
gas mass (without oil ,water ) ≤2.0g/m3
consumption air 1 m3/min
working pressure (min ) 6bar (87LB/square inch)

Main Size

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