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Freezing, mixing and whipping of ice cream and air to ice cream. Scrapped surface freezing of other products.

Operating Principle

The ice cream mix is metered into the freezing cylinder by a gear pump. A constant air flow is fed into the cylinder with the mix. During the passage through the cylinder the air is whipped into the mix by a dasher. Liquid ammonia evaporating in the cooling jacket surrounding the cylinder supplies the freezing. Stainless steel blades scrap the frozen ice cream from the inside wall of the cylinder, and a second gear pump forwards the ice cream from the outlet end of the freezing cylinder to a filling machine.

Standard Design

Frunt™-N1 continuous freezers meet the 3-A sanitary standards symbol of the Foods & Dairy Industry Supply Association, USA. The freezer cabinet and refrigeration system are made of stainless steel. All parts contacting the mix and ice cream are made of stainless steel.

Installation. The freezers directly are self-contained units ready to be connected to electrical power, refrigerant, compressed air and mix supply.

The freezing cylinder is made of pure nickel and the inside surface is hard chromium plated and mirror finished. The dasher, equipped with scraper blades and a beater, is made of stainless steel.

Refrigeration system supplies constant cooling capacity to ensure the stable ice cream temperature and viscosity. During stop periods and whenever refrigeration is shut-off i.e. in connection with instant stop, hot gas is applied to prevent freeze-up. Liquid ammonia supply must be vapor-free and has a minimum absolute pressure of 4 bars (58psi) and the suction temperature should be -34℃ (-29℉).

Drive. Power is transferred from the main motor directly to the dasher by V-belts.

Mix and ice cream pumps are gear pumps, adjustable for endwise clearance to compensate for normal wear. The interior of the stainless steel housing is chromium plated to minimize such wear.

Instant stop allows a temporary stop in production with minimal loss of mix and change in the ice cream quality.

CIP (Clean-in-place). All parts getting contact with mix and ice cream are cleaned without dismantling. When activate the CIP program form the control panel, the outlet pump wheels and the inlet pump wheels disengage and allow for a heavy flow of detergent. Pumps and dasher are automatically activated at certain intervals during the cleaning process.

Compressed air from existing mains supply is required for control of the overrun and CIP pumps.

Control panel. All functions of the machine are operated from the front panel which includes a meter for motor load, air pressure gauge, start and stop push buttons for pumps and main motor as well as a handle for ammonia control. Pump speed is adjustable from 10~100%.

Mix pump capacity is from 80~550Litre/hr (21~145 U.S. Gal).

Standard accessories include a set of tools, a standard set of spares, sprockets for changing cylinder pressure and a pulley for min. dasher speed.

Freezing machine body

Freezing machine body is made of stainless steel. Two stainless steel sides of the freezing machine can be removed, to facilitate repair personnel to repair other parts of the equipment.

Freezing drum

The inner surface of the freezing drum is hard chromium plating and with precision grinding, to achieve there is a smooth surface, thus the ice cream mixed material can obtain excellent heat exchange and effective freezing effect. It is equipped stirring scraper with the stainless steel blade which continuously rotates at a certain speed along the inner surface of the freezing drum, to ensure there is a smooth production of the fine greasy ice cream products, which is powered to stir wiper components by the main motor through a conveying belt

Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system is built-in spiral sealing type compressor and uses Freon as the refrigerant

Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system is built-in spiral sealing type compressor and uses Freon as the refrigerant

Air mixing pump

Located at the front panel of the freezing machine, there is air inlet adjustment valve, to pump the slurry and air into the freezing drum.

Pressure regulating valve

At the ice cream outlet of the freezing drum, there is pressure adjustment valve, to keep the pressure of the freezing drum constant.

Operation of the Freezing Machine

All the functional buttons are located on the front panel, simple and easy to use.

Including the following the operational switches:

Operation panel

l Startup/close mixing pump

l Startup/close stir scaler

l Startup/close refrigerating system

l Startup/close hot gas system

l Ice cream production volume control

l Ice cream viscosity display

Startup of the Freezing Machine

It is very convenient and can be directly operated after the water, power and gas are switched on.


Cleaning of the Freezing Machine can be made through connecting the central CIP system. And the connection of the pipelines adopts the hoops

Normal output

1000Litre/hr (270 U.S. Gal) base on below condition:

Inlet mix temperature +5℃ (+41℉) Outlet ice cream temperature -5℃ (+23℉) Suction temperature -34℃ (-29℉)

Oil content in ammonia <30PPM

Overrun 100%

Mix type: Normal ice cream mix containing 38% total solid. Upon receipt of actual mix recipe a definite capacity and outlet temperature can be determined.

Frunt™-N1 Optional Equipment

Frunt™-N1 Optional Equipment

Three-way valve with fittings for ice cream outlet piping.

Outlet ice cream pressure gauge with fittings for ice cream outlet piping.

Outlet ice cream temperature gauge with fittings for ice cream outlet piping.

Fruit feeding pump to feed liquid flavoring and coloring in certain proportion into freezing cylinder.

Stop valves for refrigerant.

Safety valve TüV approved – a safety valve for refrigeration system is required - actual design according to local regulation.

Speed controller for dasher speed stepless adjustment.

Freon design. Specially designed for Freon 22. slightly reduce capacity.

Air flow meter to control the overrun.

Air drying and filtration unit to improve compressed air quality.

Spare parts for 3000hrs or 6000hrs maintenance.

Technical data

Item Data
Power connection 3 ~380 V,50 HZ
Power consumption 17 kW
Main motor 15 kW
Pump motor 0.75 kW
Max. refrigeration load 30 kW26000 kcal/h (34° C/29° F suction temperature)
Ammonia content 12 kg (NH3)
Compressed air 2 n m³ /h (min. 6 bar pressure )
Pump capacity 200/1000 Litre/hr52-260 U.S. Gal/hr (100% swelling)
Piping dimension (must comply with local regulation)
Suction line Ø48 mm
Liquid line Ø 18 mm
Hot gas line Ø 18 mm
Drain line Ø 18 mm
Safety line Ø 18 mm
Compressed air inlet line Ø 6 mm
Mix inlet piping Ø 25.4 mm
Ice cream outlet piping Ø 38.1 mm
1 bar1 litre

1 litre

= 1.02 kp/cm² = 100 kPa = 14,5 psi= 0.2642 U.S. gallon

= 1.22 imp. gallon

Main dimensions

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