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Blend the slurry with air and freeze to produce ice cream. The machine can continuously automatically produce the ice creams with uniform quality. It is also applicable for the surface freezing of non-ice-cream products.

Working principle

Frunt™-N2 continuous freezing machine completely conform to the 3-A health standard of

The Food & Dairy Industries Supply Association, USA.

The frame, guard plate and the cooling pipeline system of the machine are all made of stainless steel. All the parts contacting the blending materials and the ice cream are made of stainless materials easy to clean and exchange.

Installation The freezing machine can be directly connected to the power supply, cooling machine, air and slurry.

Freezing tube The freezing tube is made of pure nickel, with hard chromium-plated inner wall and smooth surface, which provides excellent heat exchange and effective freezing effect for the blending materials of ice cream.

Cooling system To provide a stable cooling capacity to ensure that the ice creams have a proper temperature or consistency. When the machine is stopped or the cooling system is shut off suddenly (for example, emergency shutdown), the hot ammonia defrosting is used to prevent from freezing. The liquid ammonia should be free of bubble and the pressure should not be lower

than 4 bar (58 psi). The evaporating temperature of the freezing machine is -34 ℃ (-29 ℉).

Drive The driving system is directly transported from the main motor to the blender through a belt pulley.

Inlet and outlet pump It is a group of gear pump. It can compensate the normal wear through adjusting the gap. The inner surface of the stainless steel pump is treated with special process to reduce the wear and tear.

Pause Pause the machine shortly during production to ensure the minimum loss of ice cream materials and the relative stability of the quality.

Normal Output

2000 liter per hour (528 US gallon)

The output is based on the following conditions:

Input temperature of slurry +5 ℃ (+41 ℉) Output temperature of ice cream -5 ℃ (+23 ℉) Evaporating temperature -34 ℃ (-29 ℉)

Oil content in ammonia < 30 P.P.M Expansion rate 100%

Condition of slurry Generally the slurry of ice cream contains 38% solid matter. The actual output and discharging temperature is subject to the formula of ice cream.


Standard design Besides the mentioned standard design, Frunt™-N2 also includes the following items.

Compressed air Control the expansion rate and CIP pump (if provided) with compressed air. Control panel All the functions of the equipment is performed with this panel, including the measuring gauge for motor load, air manometer, pump, ON/OFF button of main motor, adjuster for controlling cooling and flow of slurry pump.

Pump drive The power of charging and discharging pump is from a gear motor controller by the frequency converter. The control scope of speed variation of the charging and discharging pump can be set to be 10-100%.

Capability of blending pump 120-1200 liter slurry per hour (32-317 US gallon).

Standard spare parts A set of spare parts and tools, belt wheels used to change the pressure of freezing tube and belt wheels used to reduce the blending speed are included.

Optional equipments used in Frunt™-N2 Material adding pump

To directly pump the liquid odoriferous spices and palettes free of solid matters into the freezing tube in proportion.

Tee piston valve Connected to the output pipe of ice cream

Display of discharging pressure Connected to the output pipe of ice cream Display of discharging temperature Connected to the output pipe of ice cream Continuous aerator (built-in)

Ice cream separator Distribute the outputted ice creams to two different lines and fill the ice creams

Emergency stop valve For cooling system

Freon application It can be modified to be applicable for Freon-type machine, which has slight influence on the capability.

Relief valve TüV The relief valve should be installed in the standard cooling system to conform to the local cooling requirements.

Mating spare parts Used for 3000 or 6000 hours maintenance

Technical data

Main motor 22 kilowatt
Pump motor 1.5 kilowatt
Standard power supply 3-phase 380 V, 50 Hz Ammonia pipeline:
External air return pipe 76 mm3 inch
External liquid inlet pipe 20 mm3/4 inch
External hot air pipe 20 mm3/4 inch
External drainage pipe 20 mm3/4 inch
External relief valve pipe 25 mm1 inch
External charging pipe 38 mm
1.5 inch External discharging pipe 51mm2 inch
External air inlet pipe 12 mm 1/2 inch
Air consumption 3.5 m3/h 124 cubic inch/h

Main dimensions

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