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Mix, freeze and stir the slurry and air into ice cream. It can automatically produce ice cream with a uniform quality. Compared with intermittent production, its effective, reasonable and continuous production can reduce the cost and ensure the stability of the fluid.

Working principle

The freezing machine itself has cold source, and the users only need to connect the cooling water, electricity, gas and ice cream raw materials (slurry) to produce. Ice cream raw material and air enter the freezing drum through the mixing pump with an air inlet valve, and the freezing drum is cooled with Freon compressor brought by itself, and the stirring scraper located in freezing drum mixing the air into the slurry, and then the special stainless steel scraper mounted on the stirring scraping device continuously stirs the ice cream on the freezing drum, and ice cream discharges out of the material pipe.

Standard Design

FruntTM-N1200is a Fruit Granule Feeder and fully meets the needs of the food hygiene. The equipment is made up of high quality refrigeration compressor and high quality parts, which is designed to meet the strict standards of hygiene, reliability and durability. All parts contacting the ice cream are made of 304 stainless steel.

Freezing machine body

Freezing machine body is made of stainless steel. Two stainless steel sides of the freezing machine can be removed, to facilitate repair personnel to repair other parts of the equipment.

Freezing drum

The inner surface of the freezing drum is hard chromium plating and with precision grinding, to achieve there is a smooth surface, thus the ice cream mixed material can obtain excellent heat exchange and effective freezing effect. It is equipped stirring scraper with the stainless steel blade which continuously rotates at a certain speed along the inner surface of the freezing drum, to ensure there is a smooth production of the fine greasy ice cream products, which is powered to stir wiper components by the main motor through a conveying belt

Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system is built-in spiral sealing type compressor and uses Freon as the refrigerant

Refrigeration System

The refrigeration system is built-in spiral sealing type compressor and uses Freon as the refrigerant

Air mixing pump

Located at the front panel of the freezing machine, there is air inlet adjustment valve, to pump the slurry and air into the freezing drum.

Pressure regulating valve

At the ice cream outlet of the freezing drum, there is pressure adjustment valve, to keep the pressure of the freezing drum constant.

Operation of the Freezing Machine

All the functional buttons are located on the front panel, simple and easy to use.

Including the following the operational switches:

Operation panel

l Startup/close mixing pump

l Startup/close stir scaler

l Startup/close refrigerating system

l Startup/close hot gas system

l Ice cream production volume control

l Ice cream viscosity display

Startup of the Freezing Machine

It is very convenient and can be directly operated after the water, power and gas are switched on.


Cleaning of the Freezing Machine can be made through connecting the central CIP system. And the connection of the pipelines adopts the hoops

Normal output

~50L/hour 3~13gallons /hour

The production volume is based on the following conditions:

Slurry input temperature: +5℃(+41°F) Slurry output temperature:-5℃(+23°F) Puffing ratio: 100%

Standard ice cream ingredient




milk powder

Sugar (sucrose)  Glucose syrup  Emulsion stabilizer  Condensate content   Water   Total
10.0% 10.5% 12.0% 5.0% 0.5% 38.0%



Technical data

Technical items Parameters Remarks
Built-in compressor 9.35 KW×2  
Refrigerant gas Standard R404  
Content of refrigerant 5.3 Kg (11.68 LB)  
Condensing medium Water  
Stirring motor 9.2 KW  
Mixing motor 0.75 KW×2  
Total power 29.4 KW  
Air consumption 2 m3/h  
Compressed air consumption 6 bar  
Compressed air mass,maximumwater-holding capacity 2.5 g/m3  
Condensed water consumption:water in thewater tube ≤+20℃ 6000 L/h
Condensation water inlet connection 1"  
Condensation water outlet connection 1"  
Mixed feed pipe, externally 38 mm 1 1/2" hoop
Ice cream outlet tube, externally 38 mm 1 1/2" hoop
Maximum puffing rate 100%  

Main dimensions

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