Runjin ©Krunt™-EX800 Extrusion and Slicing Line for Ice Cream


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Runchen©Expro™-EX800 is used to make extrusion-type ice cream and filling-type ice cream, and it also used to decorate and harden the ice cream products. Variable types of ice cream products can be produced with auxiliary equipments.
Product types which can be produced:
- Rod-plugged product - strip product - ice cream cone/cup - slice - block - sandwich - little cake

Working principle

A standard Runchen©Expro™-EX800 ice cream extrusion line is composed of a reciprocating product tray transmission system and an instant freezing storage. The inlet/outlet of product is set at the front of the instant freezing storage and connected to the work platform, forming a circular transmission system. A standard station frame is installed on the work platform to extrude, fill and decorate ice creams. Inside the instant freezing storage, the transmission chain twists on two sets of parallel stainless steel frames.

As the first working procedure, the production line extrude the raw materials of ice creams to the product trays (such as rod-plugged product, slice product or little cake), or it fill the raw materials of ice creams into the pre-distributed cones. Different operating units are used for different products such as rod-plugging device, biscuit distributing device, chewing gum distributing device, ball-shaped cone filling, surface decorated ice cream, caramel, juice, jam or dried fruit. Then, the trays with products pass the instant freezing tunnel and are frozen by circulate cooling air. After the ice cream products are frozen, the mechanical hand will take the products away from the trays and soak in chocolate and pack the products.

Standard Design

Main power

The chain driving system and the power source of all the devices on the work platform are in the instant freezing tunnel. The driving wheels of the chain transmission system and the main driving shaft under the work platform are directly connected to the main power.

Work platform

Station frames are installed on the work platform to equip various functional parts to produce special products. These station frames are designed to be exchangeable with one other to produce extrusion-type or filling-type products. All the external surfaces and components of the platform are made of stainless steel or stainless materials.

Instant freezing tunnel

The instant freezing tunnel of Runchen©Expro™-EX800 is composed of two sets of prefabricated independent storages. The evaporator and high-velocity fan are positioned on the side of the chain transmission system. Inside the instant freezing storage, the transmission chain twists on the stainless steel frame along the double helical rail. All the chain supporting parts, chain gears and frames are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Between the chain bracket and the fan is a corridor for maintenance. The tension mechanism used to fix the transmission chain thoroughly considers the temperature variation in the instant freezing tunnel. The storage panel of the instant freezing tunnel is made of stainless steel panel with PU inside. The bottom storage panel is provided with drainage ditch.

Control system

All the random functions including power component, filling function and surface decoration

function of ice cream are all controlled with PLC on the central control panel. All the production data can be compiled, managed and adjusted in advance on the control panel. When other equipments are connected to the host computer, the equipments can be controlled with different programs.

Cooling system

The standard Runchen©Expro™-EX800 applies ammonia cooling evaporator. As a optional unit, the system can also applies Freon evaporator.

Product transmission

Runchen©Expro™-EX800 product transmission instrument is specially designed for transmitting the rod-plugged products. It can be used to soak the rod-plugged products after extrusion hardening in chocolate. The instrument is equipped with 185 mechanical hands and a movable chocolate soaking tank and special chocolate circulating pump.

Equipment selection

Product type Biscuitdistribution Verticalextrusion Rodplugging Horizontalcutting Gumdistribution
Product type Conedistribution Chocolatespraying Intermittentfilling Pen filling Topdecoration
Circular cup    
Little cake      
Product type Conedistribution Chocolatespraying Intermittentfilling Pen filling Topdecoration
Circular cup    
Little cake      
Capacity (unit per hour)  
Rod-plugged ice cream:


Ice cream cone:


Ice cream cup:


Strip: small




Sandwich ice cream:


Ice cream cake: no coating


Block ice cream


The capacity is based on the standard ice cream products with the following formula and the evaporating temperature of -45℃.

Grease nonfat powderedmilk Sugar (canesugar) Glucose plasm Subsidiary material Content of condensate Water Total
10.0% 11% 12.0% 5.5% 0.5% 39.0% 61.0% 100.0%

The capacity of the slice products is based on the standard products with the maximum thickness of 25 mm.
The capacity of the tapered cones is based on the standard products with the maximum diameter of 60 mm.

Main dimensions

  Work platform Storage of

transmission system

Storage of cooling


Net weight kg 2,000 7,200 4,200
Gross weight kg 3,000 9,500 6,600
Maximum diameter m 5.41×1.35×2.7 9.1×2.42×2.9 7.71×2.42×2.9


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