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  1. Put the dried fruit granule , sugar granule or liquid granule into ice cream.( the equipment is not suitable for viscous materials, as well as those easily absorbing moisture or easy to be absorbed )

Working Principle

  1. The motor drives quantitative screw to convey granules. Adding granule into ice cream efficiently and stably by vane pump , then mix granule and ice cream slurry by the built-in mixer under constant speed .Vane feeding pump is adjusted through the potentiometer .

Standard Design

  1. FruitTM-4000 is a fruit granule feeder and totally could meet the needs of food hygiene .The equipment is made of high quality parts and its design can meet strict standard of hygiene ,reliability and durability. All parts which would be contacting ice cream granule is made from 304 stainless steel .There is casters installed on equipment foot , which can be easy to move and install. 

Hopper And Quantitative Cup

  1. In order to ensure quantitative screw could feed stable granule, mixing device is installed in hopper .Quantitative screw conveys granules to inlet of vane feeder pump. the speed of quantitative screw could be adjusted from 0% to 100%.

Vane Feeding Pump

  1. Vane feeding pump is comprised of the drive wheels of the blade. It could mix granules uniformly with ice cream slurry from the continuous freezing machine .The progress of vane rotation could seal fruit slurry inlet ,which can isolate ice cream slurry and air .In the circulation operation of drive wheels ,when vane reaches ice cream slurry ,it will return to drive wheels automatically and put the ice cream slurry down . The stepless regulation can be made for the running speed of the drive wheels through potentiometer


  1. The mixer is located in vane pump outlet. It can mix ice cream slurry and fruit granules more uniform by constant speed .  

Operation Of Fruit Mixing

  1. Operation Panel All functional button is on front panel ,and it is easy to operate .
    It could be operated directly after power supply .It is very convenient .
    CIP online cleaning
    CIP cleaning procedure can start up by controlling operation panel,which could adjust the space between feeder pump and mixing part as original distance.So that it would be convenient remove mix part and quantitative screw , to do hand cleaning .  
    Fruit Addition Capacity
    FruitTM-4000 could produce 16~400L /Hour each batch through applying different quantitative screw .

Components Optional

  1. l quantitative screw

    l the other spare parts 

Technical Data

items Parameter Remarks
Feeding screw motor 0.75 KW  
Hopper Mixing Motor 0.75 KW  
Mixing Motor 0.75 KW  
Vane Pump Motor 1.1  KW  
Transformer 0.15 KW  
Total Power 2.75 KW  
Feed tube,externally 51 mm 2" hose clamp
Discharge tube,externally 51 mm 2" hose clamp

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